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Sealcoating Will Give New Life To Your Driveway

If you move into a home that has an old, grey driveway, then you will need to take steps to take care of it. Even if the driveway in your home is criss-crossed with cracks and pocked with potholes, you can still bring your driveway back to life. You just need to repair the damage and apply a sealcoat.

Repairing Cracks

Cracks are easier to repair than potholes. You just need to follow these instructions:

1) If the cracks in your driveway are less than a half inch wide, you need to widen them, so you can get enough joint-sealing compound into the cracks to make a good seal. Use a chisel and mallet to break away some of the material on either side of the brace to widen it.

2) Now that your cracks are wide enough, you need to remove all of the loose and organic material in the cracks. 

3) Once you have prepared the cracks, fill the cracks within a half inch of the top. 

4) Wait a few minutes to allow the compound to start to set, then fill the cracks the rest of the way. 

5) Don't drive on your driveway for twenty-four hours in order to allow the cracks to fill completely. 

Repairing Potholes

Potholes take a little bit more work than cracks, but they can be repaired:

1) Sometimes the dirt around the edges of the pothole will cave away and leave overhanging the edges of your driveway around the potholes. Remove these overhanging portions. 

2) Fill the hole within two inches of the top with sand and tamp the sand down. 

3) Fill the pothole with a patching compound and mound it up an inch over the surrounding surfaces of your driveway. 

5) Cover the pothole with a sheet of plywood and drive over it with your car to tamp it down. 

Applying a Seal coat

Once you have repaired the damage to your driveway, you need to pressure wash it. You can then buy a bucket of seal coat and use a squeegee to paint a seal coat over it. A seal coat will protect your driveway from frost wedging, the UV rays of the sun, and the damaging effects of petroleum. 

A seal coating will add several years of life to your driveway. While it is best to apply a seal coat before you see signs of damage in order to prevent problems, you can apply a seal coat at any point as long as you are able to repair existing damage to your driveway before you make repairs.