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Caring For Your Asphalt Driveway

If you have a new asphalt driveway, you want to do your best to keep it looking new and in good shape for as long as possible. While it is true that asphalt is hardy and long-lasting, it's also true that it also has its weaknesses and does require a minimal amount of maintenance. This article will offer you information to help you understand how to care for your new asphalt driveway.

Don't drive on it right away

If your asphalt driveway is brand new, then you want to avoid driving on it for a few days. If you live in an area where it's very hot then you should add another couple days to the waiting period.

Understand asphalt is a somewhat soft surface

Asphalt will become harder as time goes on. However, you should understand that it's never going to be as hard as concrete. In fact, the asphalt will become softer on very hot days. This means you should avoid putting heavy and potentially damaging items on the asphalt on hotter days. Cars will be fine since the tires have no sharp edges and the weight is distributed evenly.

Watch for weeds and other foliage

When weeds or other foliage are allowed to grow along the edge of the asphalt they can develop strong roots that push up the edges of the asphalt. This can lead to bumps, as well as cracks. Small cracks can become large ones and even turn into potholes.

Clean up stagnant water

Water that's left on the asphalt for long lengths of time can also cause potential problems for your asphalt. The water sitting for long periods can eventually cause damage to the asphalt by making its way down to the core of the asphalt and weakening it.

Clean up grease

Grease and oil left on the asphalt will cause the surface to become soft. The softer it gets, the easier it will be for it to become damaged. For this reason, you should clean up grease spills right away. You can clean spills by putting dish soap and warm water directly on the spill and then scrubbing it. Also, cat litter on the spill will help absorb the majority of it before you clean it up.

Fill cracks right away

One of the best ways to keep up on the care for your asphalt driveway is to use asphalt crack filler to repair cracks as soon as you see them. You want to clean the cracks well and put the filler down into the crack. Level the filler at the top so it's even with the rest of the asphalt and allow it to dry completely before that area is used.

Taking proper care of your asphalt driveway will keep it looking great longer and it will prevent early damage.

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