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Apshalt Maintenance 101: Interim Maintenance, What It Is, And Why It's Done

Does it seem like road repair crews never stop? Are you constantly driving around areas of road where there never seems to be an end to the road construction? It may be that these roads are high-traffic areas, and that the construction is not construction at all but asphalt maintenance. There is also asphalt maintenance during the interim between major road construction and minor road repair. Here is more on interim asphalt maintenance, what it is, and why it is done.

What Interim Road Maintenance Is

Roads that have heavy traffic on them crack more frequently and have more potholes more often. If it were not for the constant upkeep efforts of the city/state, the roads would be in much worse shape than you see them. Interim road maintenance addresses the maintenance needs of any road that is starting to show signs of wear and tear in between major and minor scheduled repairs. For example, if the road just had some minor repairs made, and the next major road construction on the same stretch of road is six months down the line, asphalt contractors will come and fill in cracks and potholes until the major construction project begins.

Why It Is Done

Heavy duty trucks, semi tractors, trailers, and commercial vehicles such as garbage trucks and car haulers weigh in excess to the expected stress loads that asphalt is normally able to handle. As such, the roads crack. As these heavier vehicles frequently traverse the same stretch of road, the cracks widen and some even turn into potholes. If no interim maintenance was performed between scheduled road repair projects, the asphalt on these stretches of road would be decimated into chunks and voids, both of which are extremely dangerous to any vehicles on the road.

Ergo, the interim maintenance addresses any immediate need for lesser repairs. The cracks are filled and sealed and potholes are filled and smoothed. This helps keep the roads functional until the paving contractors and their crews can rip the roads all the way up and replace them entirely with new concrete and new asphalt. If there is an especially bad patch of road, this may be ripped up entirely and replaced before the previously-scheduled major road repair job. Then this area is left alone during the major construction time with the exception of filling in the crack that separates this slightly older construction with the brand new road.

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