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Three Ways In Which Paving Contractors Can Help You Protect Your Pavement This Winter

Winter has a major impact on pavement, especially new pavement that was just poured a few months ago. All that money you spent to pave your sidewalk and driveway could dissolve like the snow in spring. Then you are left with hefty paving repair bills. Here is how paving contractors can help protect your pavement this winter and prevent unsightly damage.

Apply Winterizing Sealants

Fresh or fairly new concrete needs a winterizing sealant. The paving contractor that did your concrete and/or cement can return before the first frost and apply the sealant. This will protect the pavement by preventing water and snow from filling tiny divots in the concrete/cement. The water and snow could freeze and expand, causing little cracks and eventually large splits. When the sealant is applied, the water and snow slips away, like rainwater off of a rain-proofed windshield.

Apply a Layer of Rough Concrete

Adding a half inch of rough concrete protects your pavement below it. Then the snow and ice damage the rough concrete instead. In the spring you remove this extra layer, and your smooth pavement underneath is perfect. It is not an option for everyone, since adding rough concrete layers is costly, but it is quite effective. Ask your paving contractor about how this is applied and how it is removed in the spring.

Completely Refresh or Install Asphalt

Perhaps the best option of all is to install or refresh the layer of asphalt on your driveway. If your city allows it, you can also apply asphalt to your sidewalk. Fresh asphalt withstands the demands of winter better than bare concrete or bare cement. If you already have asphalt down, and the asphalt still looks really good, consider refreshing it just to make sure it is still solid and able to handle the impending frigid weather. It should take your paving contractor only an hour or two, depending on the length of your sidewalk and your driveway.

Schedule These Services When You First Install Your Sidewalk/Driveway

When you installed your sidewalk and/or driveway pavement earlier this year, your paving contractor may have asked you about "weatherization" or maintenance of your pavement. Hopefully, you agreed to these services and even scheduled them back then. If not, get on the phone right away and schedule them now. If winter has not arrived just yet, your paving contractor can still provide these services before it is too late.

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