Keeping Customers Comfortable

How to Keep Your Business' Parking Lot in its Best Condition

As a business owner, it is important to keep up the appearance of your commercial building's paved parking lot. Your parking lot is one of the first things your customers will see and can give them a positive or negative impression of your building and business. To keep your business' exterior looking sharp and well-maintained, here are some recommendations for professional upkeep necessary for your parking lot's pavement.

Repair Cracks

As the asphalt on your parking lot ages, weather, sunlight, and traffic will all break down and damage the surface of your asphalt. As asphalt is made from a tar emulsion combined with gravel, the age and condition of the emulsion affects the integrity of your asphalt's surface.

Over time, your asphalt emulsion can dry out and cause small cracks to form. For this reason, it is recommended to have a paving company patch and fill these cracks before they grow larger and cause additional damage and lead to the formation of potholes. The paving company can fill the cracks with a hot asphalt mix or a liquid tar emulsion, depending on the size and width of each crack. 

Clean to Prevent Damage

Because your parking lot is constantly exposed to vehicles and their dripping oils and other fluids, these can accelerate the aging and wearing-away of your asphalt's surface. Oils and other types of vehicle fluids can break down the emulsion in the asphalt that holds the gravel together. The breaking-down process can lead to a crater-like area of damage in the asphalt's surface while the fluids continue to work their way down through the asphalt's thickness and cause additional damage. 

A professional paving company can use a flame torch or a saw with a masonry blade to burn off or cut out and remove any vehicle fluids from the damaged areas so the asphalt does not continue to break down. Then, by applying a new layer of asphalt, your parking lot will be restored to its well-maintained condition.

Seal the Surface

After any cracks have been filled and holes repaired or patched, it is important to apply a seal coating layer to the parking lot. This restores the flexibility to your asphalt surface that has become dried, faded, and weathered.

Depending on the weather in your area and the amount of traffic your parking lot receives will determine how often you should seal the pavement. Keep an eye on its condition and hire a paving company to apply a seal coating when it becomes faded and begins to show cracks. If the weather in your area has extreme hot or cold temperatures, you will likely need to apply a seal coating more often than if you live in a climate that has mild temperatures through the year.

Use this information to help you keep your parking lot in its best condition. Contact commercial asphalt service companies to learn more about parking lot maintenance or repair.