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Filling In The Cracks Of Your Broken Parking Lot: DIY Tips

If you have a small parking lot, but it gets a lot of traffic, you may find that you have some cracks to fill. You could hire a paving contractor for the job, but you could also do these smaller paving lot repairs yourself. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Rope off Your Work Area

The last thing you want when you are trying to fill the cracks is for a customer to drive over or through the work zone. The substances you use to fill the cracks may stick to their tires, and pull it out of the cracks you are trying to fill. Rope off the area you are going to work on first so that no customers try to drive over it or park on it.

2. Choose Your Crack Filler

There are tarry, rubbery asphalt crack fillers you can buy from a hardware store. These work rather well for small cracks and loose chunks of aspalt. The substance needs to be stirred often to keep it from setting in the bucket. Use some sort of ladling tool to fill the cracks. Then use a flat paver tool to smooth it over and tamp it into the cracks.

If you decide to use actual bitumen as your filler (the black tarry substance in asphalt), you will need a cement mixer and a heating unit to keep the bitumen in a liquid state. It is the glue that holds asphalt together, but it cools and settles quickly if not kept hot. Be sure you know how to handle this material safely before you attempt to use it. Tamp it into the cracks, then smooth it over so that it does not create lumps in your parking lot.

3. Keep This Area Roped off until the Crack Filler Has Cooled/Hardened

Even after you finish filling the cracks in one area, keep it roped off until the chosen crack filler has cooled and/or hardened. This will prevent you from having to do the job all over again. If you want to rope off another area and begin work on those cracks, you can. However, if your parking lot is already rather small, you may want to avoid roping off too much of the lot so that your customers do not have to park elsewhere. At most, two small areas at a time works out quite well.

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