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3 Concrete Finishes To Give Outdoor Living Space The Look Of Elegant Flooring

Outdoor living spaces are all the rage today, and they will provide you with practical features that you can enjoy. When you are creating these outdoor spaces for your home, you want them to look great. The surfaces of outdoor areas are often plain and lack the look of custom floors inside your home. Concrete finishes are an affordable to solution to consider to create elegant floor surfaces outside your home. Here are some concrete finishes that will give your outdoor space elegant custom floors:

1. Layover Solutions For Old Outdoor Surfaces That Need Repairs

If you are making over outdoor spaces, there may be concrete or pavement that is damaged and need of major repairs. Rather than having the paving ripped up and replaced, renovate it with a concrete overlayment. One of the benefits of concrete overlayments is that they give you several options for custom finishes, which can look like stone, tile, and other materials. Overlayments are a great affordable solution to repair and renovate old pavement with a new custom finish.

2. Acid Staining Solutions To Create Elegant Custom Floors Outdoors

Another solution that you will want to consider for elegant outdoor surfaces is acid staining. With an acid stain concrete finish, you have many different choices of style and custom designs to add to your outdoor space. If you want to have an outdoor floor that looks like custom tile work, acid staining can be used to create patterns and colors that look like custom tile work. In addition, acid staining methods of finishing concrete can be used to create marbleized and stone-like finishes on the surface of concrete. This is a great way to create elegant custom floors that are durable for your outdoor living space.

3. Stamped Concrete Solutions For Affordable And Attractive Outdoor Surfaces

Custom finishes can be costly when you have a large area to cover. Stamped concrete is an affordable solution to consider if you have a lot of pavement that needs a custom finish. Stamped finishes can look like brick, stone and other materials. After the concrete has set, a sealcoat can be added to protect the concrete and make it more attractive. This is an affordable solution for pavements that surround outdoor living space for features like landscaping paths and hardscaping. 

These are some concrete finishes that will give your outdoor space elegant custom floors. If you are ready to personalize your outdoor living space, contact your local concrete finishing services to create outdoor surfaces that look great.