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Clean And Repair Driveways On Your Property Prior To Creating A Festive Holiday Scene For The Public To Enjoy

If you own a few private lots in town that you plan on decorating for the holidays, you are probably interested in gaining attention for your creation and plan on hosting a public gathering that will allow local citizens to stop by and see the festive displays. Don't subject the visitors to driving across asphalt that contains small holes and cracks. Clean the pavement and have repairs made prior to preparing the holiday displays.

Assess And Clean Each Driveway

Tackle the project by assessing and cleaning each driveway that adjoins one of the lots. If you haven't tended to your property in a while, you may be greeted with large limbs and a plethora of leaves that are stuck to the asphalt. The best way to handle the cleaning task is by filling a wheelbarrow with fallen lawn materials and using a push broom to assist with accumulating all of the foliage that has wound up on each paved surface.

Because the combination of moisture and debris can cause stains to form on the pavement, take the time to apply a detergent to discolorations on the pavement and allow the cleaning agent to sit for a while before using water to rinse the pavement off. A deck brush or similar cleaning tool should be used if stains are encrusted on the pavement.

Address The Damage

During the cleaning process, take note of damage to the pavement. Are the holes deep and wide and are cracks prominent across each driveway's surface? If the damage is rather extensive, it might be best to have the repairs made by a professional. If you are handy with completing minor repairs and notice that there aren't too many problematic areas, you can use a cold patching agent to fill grooves and narrow cracks.

Just remember to allow the asphalt to dry completely before applying patch. Patch should be added sparingly so that you don't overfill any of the spots, which could result in uneven surfaces. A trowel or metal float can be used to spread the patch after it has been added to each part that is being repaired. 

Line Each Driveway

Before you install all of the decorations and holiday lights that are being used to create a festive scene on each plot of land, install some lighting alongside each driveway so that anyone who stops by your property will be able to clearly see the asphalt surfaces that are designated for their use. Lights that are attached to poles or a basic landscaping light kit can be used to complete this task.

For more information and assistance, contact your local asphalt paving service today.